From banging pipes to gurgling drains, our plumbing systems can make a broader range of noises than you’ll find in a performance at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, but what does it mean when they do?

Much like a crying child, noises from your pipes is your plumbing system trying to tell you something, and sometimes, that something means making a call to a plumber.

To try and help you ascertain what the sound means and what the problem is, we’ve put together this handy little guide. So, if your plumbing is whistling, chattering, gurgling or knocking, then here’s what you need to do to treat the issue.


A whistling sound from one of your appliances means that there is a small obstruction somewhere within that particular device. It is the noise of water trying to pass through something that is blocking it on its journey. It could be a faulty washer on a tap, a worn-out ballcock in your toilet system or a clog in your shower head. A plumber will be able to identify exactly what the problem is, pinpoint the source and replace the part or permanently remove the blockage.


Chattering or banging pipes occur when a pipe is blocked or inadequately supported, but water is still trying to flow at its normal speed. When an unsupported pipe is charged with water or expanding and contracting with heat it’s unrestricted movement can make a noise rather like someone is stuck inside the pipe and is trying to get out! There are several solutions to this, ranging from pipe clipping to inserting pads around the piping to improve flow, adding metal pipe straps to reduce movement of the pipes or air chambers which can prevent the build-up from occurring in the first place. Our plumbers can carry out all that work to prevent your pipes from banging.


If your toilet drain or shower drain starts gurgling whenever you flush the toilet, then the chances are that you’ve got a clog in there somewhere. It usually is as a result of food or hair particles which need removing. While you might think you can tackle the task with a plunger, that will merely dislodge the blockage to provide a temporary solution. Contacting a plumber Glasgow will ensure an expert can remove the obstruction permanently by cleaning out your pipes properly. They can also investigate if there are any underlying problems with your sewer line.