Many of us like to think we can tackle any plumbing emergency that comes up in the home. A trusty plunger isn’t beyond us.

Yet, sometimes there are problems which require a more professional approach, especially in a harsh Scottish winter when pipes freeze, burst or leak.

Do you know when you should put away your temporary plumbing overalls and call out the experts? We’ve put together this handy guide of five plumbing issues which our Dyno Scotland emergency plumbers can help you with.


  • Burst Pipe


We’re entering burst pipes season now, with the majority of problems occurring in the winter time as frozen water in the line expands and causes pipes to crack, especially in our Scottish climates! Locating damaged pipes isn’t easy. They could be in your walls, underneath your home or in your garden. With a burst pipe, there is little time to lose as every minute you spend searching for the source of your leak is another minute in which water can seep into vulnerable parts of your home. An emergency plumber can pinpoint the leak quickly and begin to address the problem, saving you money and potentially catastrophic damage to your property.


  • Frozen Pipe


If burst pipes can be caused by frozen pipes, then you’re probably wondering how to prevent them from freezing in the first place?

This is definitely a case of prevention being better than cure and our maintenance plumbers will assess your home’s insulation requirements and winter proof it ahead of the next freeze.


  • Leaking Pipe


A puddle under a pipe or a nasty pool of water under your sink can be the sign of a leaking pipe. Leaks are most common at joints, and the best permanent solution to them is by replacing the affected pipe or its fittings. While this may not seem like a complicated job, it can be an extremely messy and time-consuming one. To save you the hassle, an emergency plumber can get the job, and most importantly of all, the cleanup, done in a fraction of the time.


  • Taps and Showers not Working


You always expect that when you turn on your tap or shower that you will get a steady and reliable flow of water. Equally, when you turn off your tap or shower the flow should stop and not drip. If one or other of these things is not happening it’s time to call a Dyno plumber and repair the problem.