Plumbing emergencies can strike even quicker than it takes Usain Bolt to run 100 metres! They also need to be treated right away because otherwise, a small problem can quickly turn into a far larger one that can cost thousands of pounds in damage.

That’s where Dyno Plumbing come in! We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to help with all your emergency plumbing needs in Glasgow. Whether it is a burst pipe, a leaking tap or a toilet that doesn’t flush, we’ll quickly be on the scene to put the problem right.

Want to know more? Here are just some of the emergency plumbing services that Dyno Plumbing offer:


  • Frozen Pipes


With winter upon us, frozen pipes are a common emergency plumbing problem across Scotland. Frozen pipes can result in a loss of pressure in your plumbing and as water expands when it freezes into ice, can even result in cracked or burst pipes. In order to prevent that from happening, our plumbers will come and identify where the frozen pipe is, advise on how best to thaw it out and then advise on measures you can take to prevent the problem occurring again in the future.


  • Extremely hot water


At the opposite end of the spectrum from frozen pipes is extremely hot water. While everybody wants a warm bath or shower, if the water is too hot to touch and carries the risk of causing burns, then you could have a potential problem with the temperature settings on your water heater or thermostatic mixing valves. A visit from one of our emergency plumbers will pinpoint and resolve this problem quickly and safely.



  • Damaged taps and showers


If water continues to come out of your shower or taps even after you’ve turned them off, then chances are your shut-off valve is no longer working. That can cost you money in terms of heating water you aren’t actually using, not to mention the unnecessary demands it places on the environment. Our emergency plumbers will come and replace valves and washers to ensure nothing is leaking with parts from our well-stocked orange Dyno vans.


  • Leaky water tanks


Tucked away somewhere in your loft or airing cupboard is likely to be a tank which can hold a significant among of water. Over time, such tanks can start to leak without you ever noticing. A Dyno emergency plumbing fix can see the tank repaired or replaced while we will also check the cylinders on your hot water tank to ensure that your home water supplies are operating as efficiently as possible.



  • A toilet that doesn’t flush


A toilet that doesn’t flush is a regular occurrence, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem! Our emergency plumbers can be quickly on the scene to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you are able to use the toilet again as a matter of urgency.